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      Canadian Manufacturer of Roll Up Doors & Roller Shutters

      Welcome to RUF – Canada’s premier manufacturer of roll up doors and roller shutters. With decades of experience providing security and storage solutions in Southern Ontario – our premium shutters protect what’s most valuable.

      We provide security solutions for residential and business customers, and are ready to consult with you on custom solutions for your unique needs. Our network of dealers and installers are operating across Southern Ontario – providing prompt service and delivery.

      Roll Up Garage Door Installation

      Garage doors that save space and increase security. With their compact roll up design and strong locking, RUF doors will modernize your garage.

      Roll up doors don’t need space inside the garage to open close – allowing better use of the space.

      Laneway & Carport Roll Up Doors

      The laneway or alleyway entrance to your home or business can be a real security concern. Secure this area with roller shutters.

      We are ready to consult with you on a custom solution for your unique space. Our laneway roll-up doors come with access options like remote control, keypad or smartphone app.

      RUF Residential Rolling Doors

      Roll up doors and security shutters have many applications for homeowners. They protect garages, windows and out buildings. Roll up doors can be installed outside or inside the home. 

      At RUF we provide homeowners with many different options for colours, locking mechanisms and access. 

      Our customers bring us new and inventive applications for our products all the time – so contact us today to discuss your unique space.

      Roller Shutters for:

      • Garages and carports
      • Laneways / alleyways
      • Storage sheds
      • Workshops
      • Pool houses and cabanas
      • Patio doors
      • Outdoor window shutters
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      See Our Gallery of Roll Up Doors & Roller Shutters around the GTA

      Roll Up Shed Doors

      By rolling up into a small storage box, roll up doors for sheds will save valuable storage space. Their tamper-resistant design and different locking options will protect your valuables.

      We work with residential and business customers to create shed roll up doors for storage out buildings and workshops.

      Roll Up Patio Doors

      Create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space with patio doors. Our roll up doors open at the touch of a button to open up your patio.

      Roll up patio doors secure your home against break-ins and bad weather. They provide thermal insulation and noise blocking also.

      RUF for Business

      We have been helping Ontario businesses with security and storage solutions for decades. Our commercial clients use RUF shutters and doors for protection of property and valuables – providing 24/7 security.

      We are business owners helping business owners. Get in touch today to start creating a custom solution for your storefront, workshop or warehouse.

      Security shutters for:

      • Retail storefronts
      • Storage sheds
      • Service counters & kiosks
      • Out buildings
      • Commercial garage doors
      • Jewelry stores
      • Self storage facilities
      • Service doors

      Storefront Security Shutters

      Security against theft and vandalism is a growing concern for business owners. Our security shutters have 3-layer fabrication and strong locking mechanisms to protect your property.

      We have worked with hundreds of businesses across Ontario designing secure solutions to stop theft and increase peace of mind.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A roll up door is one that rolls up into a small box that sits above the doorframe. RUF doors have triple layer fabrication of aluminum – polyurethane – aluminum, which makes it thinner and lighter than an overhead door.

      Overhead doors – usually traditional garage doors – roll up along tracks that extend into the interior space. They are heavier and take up more space than roll up doors. They also have more moving parts and require repairs more often.

      Roll up doors offer several advantages compared to other types of doors. The two primary benefits are security and saving space.

      Roll up doors close flush against the ground and offer no grasp points for intruders to exploit. They are made of triple fabricated aluminum and polyurethane and have a spring coiled design that makes it extremely difficult to force open with machinery.

      When opened, RUF doors roll up into a compact box on the exterior of the structure. This saves space on the inside, allowing you to better utilize your space versus having a traditional overhead door.

      The time required for roll up door installation will depend on several factors i.e. size of door, worksite environment, the condition of the wooden door frame.

      A good estimate for installation time is 4 hours from site arrival to job completion. At RUF we deal with a network of skilled installers across the Greater Toronto Area to deliver efficient and reliable installations.

      Because roll up doors are space savers by design, the only real consideration for space is for installation of the storage box above the door frame.

      This storage box requires approximately 18 inches (1.5 feet) of clearance space directly above the door frame. The storage box can be installed on the outside or inside of the structure.

      Yes! An automatic opener function can be installed for your roll up door and controlled by several methods.

      RUF doors can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, with all the components for the opener contained inside the same storage box above the door frame. All we require is a power outlet close to the door.

      You can control the opener via remote control or a wall mounted keypad. Both of these options can be installed for you. In addition, we offer home wifi / smartphone app setup to control the automatic opener.

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