Commercial Security Shutters - Storefront Security for Your Business

In recent years, we have seen an increase in property crime in Southern Ontario. If you operate a business with a storefront, safeguarding your assets has become more crucial than ever.

At RUF we have been helping business owners safeguard their storefronts for almost two decades. Our commercial security shutters are expertly designed to provide optimal security and convenience for you and your team.

We offer free security consultations to business owners in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Contact us today and learn more about how our commercial security shutters provide 100% protection for your storefront.

We also design and install commercial roll up doors for sheds.

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Features of Window Roller Shutters

At RUF your business’s security is our top priority. We have designed our security shutters using our nearly two decades of experience in storefront security.

Discover the features and benefits that set us apart:

Durable Construction for Reinforced Security

RUF commercial security shutters are manufactured with a triple layer fabrication that stands up against potential intruders. Our design has two layers of aluminum and a polyurethane core that cant be opened with burglary tools.

The polyurethane core serves a dual purpose: not only does it act as an extra barrier against intruders, but it also functions as a reinforcing buffer, protecting the aluminum shutters from dents and damage.

Secure Locking Mechanism

RUF shutters open and close via a spring-coiled mechanism that delivers an unbeatable level of security. As the door closes, the torsion spring system engages and firmly plants the door in the locked position. The door will only open once the spring is properly activated by the automatic opener.

This robust locking mechanism resists forced entry and tampering, creating a barrier that can’t be breached without heavy machinery.

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Automatic Opener with Different Access Options

Our commercial security shutters are installed with an automatic motorized opener – which makes opening and closing the shutters convenient and effortless.

Automatic openers add a layer of security as well. On demand control means you can quickly close your window’s shutters if you sense an outside threat to your business.

You can control the automatic opener with different access control systems:

Remote Control – Similar to a garage door opener. With a handheld remote control (small enough to carry in your pocket) you can operate the opener with one click.

Wall Mounted Keypad – Install a keypad with unique password. With this system your employees can operate the shutters without the remote control.

Wifi and Smartphone App – We can connect the shutters to your business wifi network. You control the opener remotely with our specially designed smartphone app – allowing you to open and close the shutters from any location.

Low Maintenance Window Security Shutters

Due to our streamlined design, RUF shutters have very few moving parts. The shutters are comprised of one sheet of aluminum shutters and a central torsion spring.

When compared to other security solutions, RUF shutters simply have less parts to maintain or repair. Our security shutters will last for many years without requiring maintenance which means lower operating costs for your business.

RUF Shutters Add Thermal Insulation

Our commercial security shutters have a polyurethane core that adds thermal insulation properties. This means better energy efficiency and lower utility bills for your business.

During the colder months, you can lower the heating when closing business for the day. The shutters provide thermal insulation that will keep warmth inside the building throughout the night. You can then open your business the next day confident that it won’t be too cold inside.

Available in Different Colours

RUF commercial security shutters are designed to enhance both security and style. We carry a range of neutral colours to complement your business’s exterior.

Our colours we carry in stock: black, white, brown, grey, and anthracite grey.

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Roller Shutters for Different Types of Businesses

We have been helping business owners in Ontario with storefront security for almost two decades.

Many different types of businesses use our roller shutters:

  • Pharmacies
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Electronics / Cell Phone Stores
  • Cash for Gold
  • Collectables / Toy Stores
  • Financial Services
  • Tattoo Studios
  • Warehouses
  • Car Dealerships
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Art Galleries
  • Optical Stores / Opticians
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With over 15 years experience providing roll up security solutions, our team will be able to answer any questions. All products and installation services are delivered under warranty.

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