Commercial Roll Up Doors for Sheds - Maximize Security and Storage

If your business has an outdoor storage shed then you must place a high priority on security. This is especially true in recent years, as theft and property crime has spiked in Southern Ontario.

RUF commercial roll up doors are designed with the needs of business owners in mind. Our roll up shed doors maximize security and storage space, allowing you to protect and organize you business equipment.

We work with many types of businesses with a storage shed:

  • Agricultural/farming
  • Schools and colleges
  • Sports organizations
  • Automotive and repair shops
  • Marinas
  • Landscaping
  • Construction

We offer free consultations for local businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Get in touch with our design team today to secure your business assets with RUF commercial roll up doors.

We also design and install security shutters for windows.

commercial roll up doors for shed

Features and Benefits of Roll Up Shed Doors

RUF commercial roll up doors are designed with the priorities of business owners in mind. We have been helping Ontario businesses with security and storage solutions for over 15 years.

Our roll up doors for sheds have several features and benefits:

Flush Design With Zero Grasp Points

Many storage sheds employ a traditional garage-style overhead door or swing open door. However, these doors come with vulnerabilities: external hinges and gaps that intruders can exploit using burglary tools.

RUF roll up doors have a flush design with zero grasp points. This means the doors fit perfectly against the frame and ground, leaving no gaps or external features for intruders to attack.

Triple Layer Fabrication for Reinforced Security

RUF commercial roll up doors are manufactured with a triple layer construction to defend against break-ins. Our specially designed fabrication consists of two layers of aluminum and a polyurethane core. This solid construction means your shed door can’t be breached with burglary tools.

The polyurethane core acts as thermal insulation and as a reinforcing buffer – protecting the aluminum shutters from any physical damage.

commercial roll up door for shed

Secure Locking Mechanism

RUF doors open and close via an ultra strong torsion spring that also ensures the door stays closed firmly against the ground.

When the door is in the closed position, it is impossible to wedge open without heavy machinery. Your door will only open when the torsion spring is properly activated by the automatic opener.

For additional layers of security, you can add a padlock, cylinder lock or extra latches to your storage shed door.

roll up doors for shed

Roll Up Doors Maximize Storage Space

RUF commercial roll up doors save you storage space – compared to traditional overhead doors. This is due to their roll up function and clever design. When opened, roll up doors coil into a compact storage box. This storage box is installed above the door frame, which frees up every square inch of storage space inside the shed.

Traditional overhead doors will roll along tracks up into the shed when opened – taking up valuable storage space near the ceiling.

RUF doors provide you with a cost effective way to reclaim storage space for your business.

Automatic Opener Options with Advanced Access Controls

Our commercial roll up doors are installed with an automatic motorized opener. Opening and closing your shed door is convenient and effortless.

You and your team can control the motorized opener via different access control systems:

Remote Control – Similar to your standard garage door opener. Open and close the shed with one click of the remote control.

Wall Mounted Keypad – Have a keypad with a unique password installed on the shed’s exterior. Your employees can then access the shed without the need for a handheld remote control.

Wifi and Smartphone App – Connect the roll up door to your business wifi network. You can then control the opener with our specially designed smartphone app – allowing you to open and close the door from anywhere.

Save Money on Repairs with Low Maintenance Doors

Roll up shed doors have lower maintenance costs than traditional overhead garage doors. With less moving parts and no tracks or hinges, there are simply less parts to worry about. This means less money spent on maintenance. 

By choosing roll up shed doors, business owners can save on maintenance costs, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for their outdoor storage needs.

storage shed with roll up door

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