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Roll Up Garage Doors

Install a high-security garage door to protect your garage and home. RUF garage doors create a seamless barrier that stands up to intruders.

Our doors have insulation, are low maintenance and come with different access control systems. They save space too – the roll up function creates more storage space inside the garage.

Laneway Roll Up Doors

Laneways and back alleys come with security risks for your carport and home. Secure your laneway with RUF roll up doors.

Our laneway doors are installed with your choice of access control: remote control, exterior keypad with password or even our own smartphone app.

roll up doors laneway
storage shed with roll up door

Roll Up Shed Doors

Optimize the storage space and security of your outdoor shed. RUF roll up doors have a triple layer of aluminum and insulation that stand up to any intruders.

When opened, our doors save storage space compared to traditional overhead doors. Learn more about shed roll up doors and get a free quote!

Roll Up Patio Doors

Secure your back patio and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. RUF patio doors have thermal insulation and come with different colours and automatic opener options to choose.

Roll up patio doors will protect your furniture and belongings from the harsh outdoor elements. Take your patio to the next level with RUF doors.

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