Laneway Roll Up Doors - Secure Your Carport with RUF Doors

Having a back laneway for your home is a great use of space and very convenient for parking the car. However it does come with security risks – such as break-ins and auto theft – which are becoming more common around the Greater Toronto Area.

RUF roll up doors are a great security solution that can also boost your home’s exterior design. Our doors have zero grasp points for intruders to use burglary tools, and close firmly against the ground with spring loaded force.

Most laneways are unique and RUF doors are a customizable solution that can be installed almost anywhere. We have a network of skilled contractors and installers that can help secure your backyard space with a premium roll up door.


Roll Up Doors for Laneway Security

RUF doors are a great choice for homeowners who want to secure their laneway against intruders. Our roll up doors are particularly effective against auto theft from the laneway.

Our security features include:

Flush Design with No Grasp Points

RUF doors have a flat, seamless design that provides zero grasp points for intruders to exploit. Roll up doors are installed along rails in the door frame and have no handles on the exterior. The entire outside of the door is a flat surface with no space for burglary tools to access.

This is not the case with other more traditional styles of laneway doors. Swing out doors and overhead garage doors will come with handles and hinges that intruders can use to access the property.

Fortified with Triple-Layer Fabrication

RUF doors are constructed with a triple layer of aluminum – polyurethane foam – aluminum. This premium fabrication makes our roll up doors extremely resistant to force – helping to keep intruders out.

The polyurethane foam core is an extra layer of insulation that adds strength, and also makes the aluminum panels more resistant to denting.

RUF doors are constructed with security in mind, so your laneway will be protected 24/7.

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Spring Loaded Locking System

When closed, RUF doors push firmly against the ground and stay locked in place. The force applied is strong enough that our doors cant be wedged open without heavy machinery.

The locking system is a spring loaded mechanism that operates the door opening and closing. When opened the door rolls up into a compact storage box installed above the door frame. The spring loaded mechanism is also installed here, and it pushes down with great force when the door is closed – locking the door against the ground.

We also design and install roller garage doors and patio doors.

Different Options for Automatic Openers

RUF roll up doors come with our standard automatic opener function. Our motorized opener brings added convenience and security when securing your home’s laneway.

When choosing your RUF door, you can choose from the following automatic opener options:

Remote Control

Similar to a traditional garage door opener handheld remote control. Open and close your RUF door at the touch of a button. You can use the remote control to open your laneway door from your car or home.

Wall Mounted Keypad

Installing a keypad with password is a good solution for laneway doors with different people accessing it. Share your password with different authorized people, and use the keypad in addition to your remote control.

Smartphone App with Home Wifi

Using a special receiver, we can connect your RUF door to the home’s wifi. You can then open and close your laneway roll up door using our specially designed smartphone app. This allows you to control access to your laneway, even when you are away from home. All you need is a data connection on your phone.

We also offer these same options for our shed roll up doors.

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Modern Look Available in Different Colours

Many of our customers appreciate the modern visual appeal of our roll up doors. RUF doors have a clean, streamlined design that complements the style of modern homes.

They are also available in a variety of neutral shades to match your home’s exterior.

Colour options include: white, black, grey, brown and anthracite grey.

Laneway Roll Up Doors Require Post or Frame Installation

Before installing a laneway roll up door, either posts or a frame need to be in place already. This is essentially the doorframe that your roll up door will be anchored to.

If you do not already have a frame in place, then contact us and we can put you in touch with our network of skilled trades that can do this for you. The team at RUF can manage the entire project of building a frame and installing your laneway roll up door.

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We have a network of skilled trades that can help with post/frame installation for your laneway door.

We have over 15 years of experience designing rolling doors for homeowners and businesses. All products and installation services delivered under warranty.

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