Roll Up Patio Doors - Elevate Your Outdoor Space with RUF Roller Doors

When the weather is nice a backyard patio becomes an excellent spot for you and your family. But for some homeowners, a backyard patio can also present a security concern. A large open space with access to the home’s sliding glass door can be a target for break-ins.

In addition, wind and rain can damage your patio furniture and the patio itself.

Roll up patio doors by RUF are the solution to these problems.

RUF doors will secure your patio and protect your furniture from weather damage. Our doors are manufactured here in Ontario from premium materials and can be installed with convenient features – so you can make the most of your patio space.

We also design and install roll up doors for laneways and garage doors.

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Benefits of Roll Up Doors for the Patio

We have many years’ experience helping homeowners with roll up door solutions. We have designed our doors to the highest standard, offering security and convenience.

RUF doors bring several benefits for your patio space:

Reinforced Security for your Patio and Home

Our roll up patio doors are constructed with a triple layer fabrication of aluminum – polyurethane foam – aluminum. This design makes them extremely secure against any intruders. The doors are resistant against being cut or punctured with burglary tools.

The locking function is just as strong. RUF doors have a spring loaded mechanism that pushes the door firmly against the patio deck, and keeps it there. It is impossible for intruders to wedge open the door without the use of heavy machinery.

For your convenience, RUF doors include a motorized opener with a remote remote. Other options include wall mounted keypad or our smartphone app to control your roll up patio doors.

We also design and install roll up shed doors for homeowners.

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Protect Patio Furniture From Weather And Sunlight

A common problem with patios is that outdoor furniture gets harmed by the harsh outdoor elements. Even in warm seasons, furniture gets hit by wind, rain, and UV rays from sunlight. High winds can push chairs around and damage the patio or house.

With RUF doors you can enclose your patio and protect the furniture from wind and rain. During the winter months, you can even turn your patio into a storage space, confident that your belongings are protected from sunlight, snow and ice.

Better Energy Efficiency For The Home

If your patio is connected to the house, then installing roll up doors will help you save on energy bills.

RUF doors are constructed with a polyurethane core, creating a thermal barrier that keeps patios cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For homeowners with large patio spaces connected to the house, installing roll up doors will boost your home’s energy efficiency.

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Noise Reduction

As well as protecting against temperature loss, RUF doors will reduce any unwanted outdoor noise from entering your home.

The polyurethane core of the roll up door acts to dampen noise, protecting the indoor space against external disturbances such as neighbourhood traffic or leaf blowers.

Modern Look with Different Colours Available

Many of our customers enjoy the modern, minimalist design of our roll up doors and how it complements their home’s exterior. Roll up doors are a modern design trend and you can see many applications of roll up patio doors on the latest home and design shows and magazines.

RUF patio doors are available in a range of neutral colours to complement your home’s exterior. We currently offer: white, black, brown, grey and anthracite (shiny) grey.

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We have over 15 years of experience designing roll up patio doors for homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area. All products and installation services are delivered under warranty

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