Roll Up Shed Doors - Secure Your Shed with Roller Doors

Are you considering building a shed in your back garden? Or do you already have a shed and need a more secure door? 

RUF roll up doors are a great solution for outdoor sheds – especially for reinforcing security and saving storage space.

Our doors have thermal insulation, lock securely with zero grasp points and look great too. With over 15 years designing roll up doors for homeowners and businesses, we have the highest quality roll up doors in Ontario.

Whether you are building a shed for storage, or planning a home gym or office, RUF doors are a great solution for making the best use of your space.

We also design and install rolling doors for garageslaneways and patio spaces.

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Features and Benefits of RUF Roll Up Shed Doors

Roll up doors offer many benefits – especially when compared to other options for your storage shed, such as traditional swing-out doors or overhead garage-type doors. 

Benefits include:

Reinforced Security Against Intruders

RUF roll up doors will protect your property against intruders. They are designed to close flush against the door frame and ground and offer zero grasp points for burglars to exploit.

Our doors have a spring coiled mechanism that keeps the door firmly planted against the ground – impossible to force open without machinery.

In addition, you can also opt for latch locks or padlocks similar to those found on commercial self storage lockers.

RUF doors are constructed with a triple layer fabrication of aluminum and polyurethane foam. They cannot be pierced or cut into with burglary tools.

Automatic Opener With Different Access Controls

Roll up shed doors by RUF can be equipped with a variety of automatic opener options. Depending on your needs, these options provide both security and convenience.

Remote control – similar to a garage door, you can opt for remote control access to your shed. By pushing a button on your remote, the shed door will automatically open or close.

Wall mounted keypad – have a keypad with secure code installed on the exterior of the building. This is a convenient option for a shed with different people accessing the property. Share the code with your household and don’t worry about locating the remote control.

Key fob – similar to those found in apartment buildings, a fob can be attached to your keychain and you can swipe it easily to open the door. Swipe again and the door will automatically close.

Wifi + smartphone – connect your roll up door to your home’s wifi network. Use our smartphone app to then open and close the door at the push of a button.

Our professional design team is ready to help you choose the best automatic opener option for your outdoor shed.

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Roll Up Doors Save Valuable Storage Space Inside the Shed

Roll up shed doors can save you storage space versus traditional overhead doors. This is due to their clever design and roll up function. Your door will roll up into a compact storage box installed above the door frame.

Traditional overhead doors (like garage doors) must roll along tracks into the shed when opened. They take up space near the ceiling and require lots of overhead clearance.

Roll up doors eliminate the need for obtrusive tracks and mechanisms that take up precious headroom inside the shed. They are a great solution if you don’t have very much storage space or you plan to store taller items.

By utilizing the vertical space effectively, you can optimize the storage capacity of your shed and organize your belongings more efficiently.

Modern Look with a Variety of Neutral Colors to Choose From

Many of our customers appreciate the visual design qualities of our roll up doors – especially when they are building a shed for everyday living – like a home office. RUF doors have an industrial, streamlined design that adds a modern look to your shed.

We offer several neutral or earth tone shades for you to choose from, including black, white, brown and shiny anthracite black.

shed with roll up door

Commercial Roll Up Doors and Security Shutters

At RUF doors we serve businesses owners as well as residential customers. Roll up doors have many different commercial applications.

We work with Ontario businesses to reinforce their security and storage solutions. Our clients include self-storage facilities, retailers and warehouses.

The same technology used for roll up shed doors and commercial garage doors can be used for windows and storefronts – where they are usually called commercial security shutters. Retail store owners use RUF shutters to protect their business against theft and vandalism.

If you are looking for a roll up solution for your business be sure to check out our commercial roll up door page.

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We have over 15 years of experience designing and installing roll up shed doors for homeowners and businesses. All products and installation services are delivered under warranty.

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